The Southern Breeders Group of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society was established in November 2014.

Open to subscribed and potential members of the ‘Southern Breeders Group’ of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society for the UK and Eire. This group’s stated purpose is as follows:

1) To promote and market the Belted Galloway breed

a. To beef producers as a profitable way of converting poorer grazing into prime beef

b. To the general public as a sustainably produced premium quality meat

2) To provide networking and support to existing and potential new breeders

3) To coordinate showing activity amongst members

4) To organise social events for members

5) To uphold the integrity of the breed according to the rules and constitution of the Breed Society.

This group is primarily for Belted and White Galloway breeders, but is open to breeders of all Galloway cattle, in the Southern part of the UK (defined broadly as being south of Birmingham).

Group Contacts

Chair: Jeremy Loxton
[email protected]

Old School House, Ashford Hill, Hampshire RG19 8BB
07775 943732

Secretary: Pippa Loxton
[email protected]
07557 077464

Treasurer: Judith Galloway
[email protected] Marstone, Chawleigh, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7EH 01769 580868

Breed Promotion Officer: Deborah Powell
[email protected]

01886 812377

Input and ideas from breeders across the region is welcome. Any breeders willing to host a summer herd visit please contact a committee member to discuss.

Facebook Group

Belted Galloway UK Southern Breeders Group is the dedicated Facebook site for the Group. This site is designed to be a resource for Southern Group members but is open to all.