A great entry of 38 animals was forward from 14 exhibitors making an excellent spectacle of Belted Galloways.  Caroline Montgomerie from the Lessnessock Herd in Ayrshire was the lady in the middle of the ring who had the hard task of judging the quality animals brought before her.

The first class was for junior heifers born on or after 1st April 2023 and had 5 entries.  Heading this strong class was Castleton Athena from Castleton Farms, she is sired by Clifton Hercules, taking the blue ticket for second place was Lomond Myrtle from Duncan Maxwell and third place went to Castleton Farms with Castleton Agatha.

The next heifer class was for females born between 24th June 2022 and 31st March 2023, 8 entries were forward for this class and collecting the first prize rosette here was Allan and Susan Campbell with Croasdale Tala, a Lomond Whiskey Galore sired heifer that they purchased at Castle Douglas.  Runner up in this class was the Dun heifer Lomond Suzy from Duncan Maxwell and taking third spot was Croft Duchess from the Keiley family.  Following this class, the award for the Best Junior Female was awarded to the winner of the second class Croasdale Tala from Allan and Susan Campbell with Lomond Suzy from Duncan Maxwell taking Reserve Junior Female.

The senior heifer class for females born between 1st September 2021 and 23rd June 2022 was next with 9 entries and the red ticket here went to Alison Taylor with the homebred heifer Grassknop Jemima, a Lomond Tamnavulin daughter who was shown here last year and stood second in her class.  Second prize went to Allan and Susan Campbell with Clifton Violet and Third place went to Senga Hair with Cormiston Bella.  Following this class, the Ian B.M. Hamilton trophy for the best heifer was awarded to Grassknop Jemima.

The cow class, for females born before 31st August 2021 followed.  Leading the four quality entries that were forward in first place was Huntfield Yvette from the Keiley family.  This four-year-old cow was purchased as a calf at foot with her mum at Castle Douglas in 2020 and is sired by Huntfield Sebastain, also picking up the Kinrea Trophy for the best cow.  Second place went to Jason and Sarah Wareham with their cow Tottingworth Mary 1st.  Third placed cow went to Huntfield Ultra from Joe and Zan Kirk.  The Keiley’s calf, Croft Elsie scooped the John Corrie Perpetual trophy for the best calf at foot.  After the cow class the Champion Female awards took place with Huntfield Yvette being crowned Champion and Grassknop Jemima taking Reserve.

On to the bulls and the junior class for bulls born on or after 24th June 2022 featured nine entries and gave our Judge Caroline a hard task.  First place went to Copelaw Zac a Lullenden Aztec Warrior son from Judith Cowie, second prize went to Alison Taylor with Grassknop Kenzo.  Picking up third prize was Anthony & Fiona Laing with their bull Coulmony Sidney.

Three bulls were forward for the class of bulls born on or before 23rd June 2022 and taking the first prize ticket was Rowater Einstein from Allan and Susan Campbell, a Coulmony Allan son.  Second prize went to Shelsleys Kwagga from David and Deborah Powell and third prize went to Racy Ghyll Jay Z from James & Helen Rebanks.   Taking the Male Championship was the Campbells with Rowater Einstein and in Reserve was Judith Cowie with Copelaw Zac.

This left only the Supreme Championship to decide, and Caroline Montgomerie could not go past the cow and calf outfit and awarded the Championship award to Huntfield Yvette with Grassknop Jemima in Reserve.


Female Born on or after 1st April 2023 (5 entries)

1st        Castleton Athena                 Castleton Farms Ltd

2nd       Lomond Myrtle                    D Maxwell

3rd       Castleton Agatha                 Castleton Farms Ltd

4th       Croft Elsie                             D & K Keiley       

Female born on or between 24th June 2021 and 31st March 2022 (8 entries)

1st        Croasdale Tala                     A & S Campbell

2nd       Lomond Suzy                        D Maxwell

3rd       Croft Duchess                       D & K Keiley

4th       Copelaw Kelpie 2nd              Miss J Cowie

Female born on or between 1st September 2021 and 23rd June 2022 (9 entries)

1st        Grassknop Jemima              Mrs A Taylor

2nd       Clifton Violet                        A & S Campbell

3rd       Cormiston Bella                   S & E Hair

4th       Tottingworth Aysha 3rd       A & S Campbell

Female in milk or in calf born on or before 31st August 2021 (4 entries)

1st        Huntfield Yvette                   D & K Keiley

2nd       Tottingworth Mary 1st         J & S Wareham

3rd       Huntfield Ultra                     J & Z Kirk

4th       Clifton Delilah                      Mrs A Bell

Bull born on or after 24th June 2022 (9 entries)

1st        Copelaw Zac                        Miss J Cowie

2nd       Grassknop Kezo                    Mrs A Taylor

3rd       Coulmony Sidney                 A Laing

4th       Coulmony Gilbert                A Laing

Bull born on or before 23rd June 2022 (3 entries)

1st        Rowater Einstein                  A & S Campbell

2nd       Shelsleys Kwagga                 D & D Powell

3rd       Racy Ghyll Jay Z                    J & H Rebanks    

Champion Junior Female                 Croasdale Tala

Reserve Junior Female                    Lomond Suzy

Champion Heifer                             Grassknop Jemima

Champion Female                           Huntfield Yvette

Reserve Female                               Grassknop Jemima

Best Junior Bull                                Copelaw Zac

Champion Male                               Rowater Einstein

Reserve Male                                   Copelaw Zac

SUPREME CHAMPION                     Huntfield Yvette

RESERVE CHAMPION                       Grassknop Jemima

RHS 2024 Champion
RHS 2024 Reserve Champion