The Scottish Belted Galloway Club recently held their Herds competition and were most fortunate to have Des Dunne from Co Kildare, Ireland, judging. Des used to manage the Castlemartin Herd which was dispersed a few years ago and he is an authority on Charolais cattle as well as having a deep knowledge of Belted Galloway Cattle.

Predominantly most herds are in South West Scotland but as it is open to the whole of Scotland a bit of travelling was involved so Chairman David Keiley kindly chauffeured Des for the first two days which saw them travelling to Aberdeenshire, to the Borders and then Ayrshire before handing over to Zan Kirk for the remaining two days going round herds in Dumfries and Galloway.

The weather shone favourably upon us, showers moved around but no heavy rain hampered the visits, it’s so much more pleasant to view cattle in the sunshine and to absorb the stunning views that many herds have.

As well as the herds Competition, new for this year was a young members competition for entrants 21 and under. They had to have a short chat with the judge telling them about their Herd or individual beltie and demonstrate their knowledge of the Belted Galloway breed. This was won by Alasdair Marshall of Eastlands Farm, Crocketford, Dumfries with Mollie Keiley, Carton Croft, Haugh of Urr, Castle Douglas second and Daisy Keiley, Carton Croft in third.

Anne Bell from Clifton Farm, Southwick, Dumfries won the overall best herd and picked up most of the prizes in the individual classes too. Well done Anne and congratulations to all the prizewinners.

The results are as follows:

Class 1 – Large herds

1st Clifton, Anne Bell

2nd Huntfield, J&Z Kirk, Low Kirkbride, Dumfries

3rd Auchengassel, RKG Farms, Irelandton, Kirkcudbright

4th Dornells, J Jack, Dornells Farm, Castle Douglas

Small herds

1st Larghill, W Marshall and Son (Alasdair Marshall), Eastlands Farm, Dumfries

2nd Burnfoot, Hugh Sloan, Burnfoot Farm, Lauder

3rd Croft, Keiley Family, Carton Croft, Dalbeattie

4th Crawlaw, AD & SA Campbell, Crawlaw Farm, Ayrshire

Overall winner – Clifton, Anne Bell

Class 2 – Best cow

1st Clifton Lily, Anne Bell

2nd Huntfield Ultra, J & Z Kirk

3rd Larghill Tara, Alasdair Marshall

4th Whitstone Gill, Hugh Sloan

Class 3 – Best heifer three years old and under

1st Clifton Delilah, Anne Bell

2nd Huntfield Yolo, J & Z Kirk

3rd Huntfield Yvette, Keiley Family

4th Burnfoot Rhona, Hugh Sloan

Class 3 b – Best Junior heifer, weaned to 23 months

1st Clifton Violet, AD & SA Campbell

2nd Larghill Zuri, Alasdair Marshall

3rd Dornells Joy, J Jack

4th Hilton Empress, PC & PJ Vickers, Hilton Farm, Aberdeenshire

Class 4 – Best veteran cow, ten years and older

1st Huntfield Petra, 12 years old, J & Z Kirk

2nd Clifton Daffodil, 14 years old, Anne Bell

3rd Auchengassel Hope, 14 years old, RKG Farms

4th Thornthwaite Bluebell, 13 years old, J Jack

Class 5 – Best bull

1st Clifton Dougal, Anne Bell

2nd Huntfield Sebastian, J & Z Kirk

3rd Lipwood Machermore, J Jack

4th Auchengassel Sportsman, RKG Farrms

Class 6 – Best Exhibitor Bred group of three

1st Clifton Lily, Lavender and Delilah, Anne Bell

2nd Huntfield Topaz, Tamara and Ulala, J & Z Kirk

3rd Burnfoot Lulu, Leora and Pansy, Hugh Sloan

4th Glencrosh Flora, Imelia and Charlie, Alexander Heald, Glencrosh, Dumfries

Best calf at foot

1st Clifton Lavender, Anne Bell

2nd Burnfoot Tara, Hugh Sloan

3rd Huntfield Austen, J & Z Kirk

4th Croft Easter Bonnet, Keiley Family

New Class for entrants aged 21 and under

1st Alasdair Marshall

2nd Molly Keiley

3rd Daisy Keiley